• Cantina Mexicana B. V.
  • Ceremony Gida Inc
  • LeaderTrade Products Co. Ltd.
  • Lhian Thai Rice Vermicilli Co. Ltd.
  • Manora Food Industry Co. Ltd.
  • Monty & Totco Co. Ltd.
  • Oriental Food Co. Ltd.
  • Pantai Norasingh Manufacturer Company Ltd.
  • Sante
  • Tang Sang Hah Co. Ltd.
  • Thai Agri Foods Public Co. Ltd.
  • Thai Union Group Public Co. Ltd.
  • Yan Wal Yun Corporation Group Co. Ltd. (Healthy Boy)

Cantina Mexicana B. V.

28 Products

Cantina Mexicana offers a perfectly balanced line of Mexican Products into the market. A strategic concept that perfectly interacts with the interests of the consumer for convenient prepared dishes, which are tasty, healthy and unique.

Ceremony Gida Inc

22 Products

A sugar-free, Aspartame-free high quality chewing gum factory, 100% owned by Turkey and started the production in December 2014. For 30 years Ceremony Gida Inc. is experienced in chocolate manufacturing and distributing it to Balkans, Middle East, Africa and Asia countries and now we also fully commit to produce stick gums to the world.

LeaderTrade Products Co. Ltd.

6 Products

LeaderTrade was setup as trading company to export and distribute varieties of product overseas for its affiliated companies which is a leading manufacturer of various types of beverages and fruit drinks.

Lhian Thai Rice Vermicilli Co. Ltd.

10 Products

Lhian Thai is a Thai manufacturer of rice products including rice flour, glutinous rice flour, rice vermicilli and mixed flour under the brand name of Star Lion.

Manora Food Industry Co. Ltd.

9 Products

Manora products have been known to the local and overseas markets for more than 42 years. Initially, shrimp chips or crackers made by Manora were manually mixed, cooked, dried with sunshine, fried in a wok and then packed by semi-automatic packaging systems.

Monty & Totco Co. Ltd.

34 Products

Japanese Choice has the finest salad dressings, fantastic wasabi paste and powder, mirin and all essential ingredients. It also has the best soy sauce products, seaweed, Japanese dipping and table sauces, noodle soups and miso products.

Pantai Norasingh Manufacturer Company Ltd.

53 Products

The Thai Brand of Pantainarosingh widely been trusted for its renowned qualities in culinary attainments for over 50 years in the local and International markets. High emphasis has been placed on hygienic processing with the use of the best raw materials


40 Products

Sante has operated on the Polish market since 1992 and specializes in the production of healthy food. Sante is one of the biggest producers of crunchy, muesli and Garnola.

Tang Sang Hah Co. Ltd.

1 Products

Laichiang Sae Tang, founder of Tang Sang Ha Company Limited, was responsible for Thailand’s first known fish sauce product, being the creator and producer of this kitchen quintessential. Today, it is Thailand’s largest producer of fish sauce under the “Tiparos” lable.

Thai Agri Foods Public Co. Ltd.

16 Products

FOCO Coconut water is a natural and refreshing drink made from green coconuts in Southeast Asia. This natural and refreshing drink is ideal for any time of the day!

Thai Union Group Public Co. Ltd.

7 Products

Sealect offers consumers canned tuna with premium quality, taste, nutritional value and product varieties, making it the most sought after Tuna brand.

Yan Wal Yun Corporation Group Co. Ltd. (Healthy Boy)

21 Products

Healthy Boy Brand is publicly well known because of its taste and quality. Its Seasoning sauce is made from finest soyabeans and wheats, its rich flavour has fermented for more than 6 months to enhance the taste of every dishes