Who We Are



MAPLELEAF - One stop distribution for India

"Distribution forms the core of our company and is the focus of everything we do."

The MAPLELEAF Advantage

Our Experience

We have grown from a small distribution and logistics company to have established ourselves as one of the largest importers of Asian and Mexican cuisine in India.

Our 15 year's experience in Retail & Wholesale trade along with our contacts with Horeca gives us a cutting edge in International Food Category, which is the fastest growing segment in India.

We know the psyche of the Indian consumer - “What will sell & what won’t”

“Get to know the customer, understand his particular needs, and give him the right product”

The Drive to Succeed

We have the desire, passion and drive to be the No. 1 distributor of Asian & Mexican products imported into India. With a current turnover of USD 4 million, and a growth rate of 30% CAGR for the past years, We have proved that we have the will to succeed and achieve a targeted annual growth of at least 30% per annum for the next 5 years.

We have already tied up with a further number of international which would make us achieve a turnover of USD 14 million national clients to distribute/market their product in India. Our hunger for new products is never ending.

Doing things differently

After test marketing the product in Tier II cities of India, we import appropriate products from our international clients and then distribute them across the country through our network of wholesale, institutional and retail stockiest.

Our sales team interacts with the customers directly helping us keep a finger on the pulse of the market.

We contribute towards building the brand through long term marketing strategies and short term tactics where necessary.

“It always begins with an idea (ideas make money: money doesn’t make ideas)”

The wherewithal

We have a staff roster of 150 people managing the logistics of the products, excluding outsourced functions.

A full-fledged Office at Mumbai and New Delhi.

A logistically correct warehouse at Bhiwandi having a 45000 sq. feet area.

By the end of the year TEAM MAPLELEAF - Our National Sales team will be in place working with the regional distribution centers, stockiest in 47 cities and sub stockiest in rural areas.

The future’s ours

We Will

Create a USD 15 million enterprise by 2025 dealing in food products with special focus on Processed Food, condiments, snacks, drinks & confectionery.

Create a distribution house with 25 distribution centers spanning all the States of India.

  • The distribution house will supply to the retail channel directly / indirectly through organized retail and Mom & Pop stores
  • It will also supply institution such as airlines, hotels and caterers.